intelligent code

Codexiq systems can offer talented teams to deliver intricate ideas

Together to acheive

We'll unpick a problem, with a creative approach, and commitment to progressive solutions.

  • Career coaching, training and situation management.
  • Project design, planning, development and consultancy.
  • Adaptive engagement to mitigate resource contraints.

Codexiq Systems is always keen to meet awesome individuals, ethical companies and generous groups. If you have ambition, we have means to help you succeed.


Days provided on client projects


Projects completed for clients

Case Studies

Projects we are proud to have been a part of

Wearable Headsets

VR Development for MPH

Android Robot

Development for Service Robotics Ltd

Pronounciation App

Enhancing and updating a mobile app

Day Rate Development

We have skills to suit your project, working with us can benefit you more than hiring a permanent developer or contractor

Junior Developer

£200 / day

  • Design & Develop websites
  • Contact functionality
  • Content Management
  • Security & Privacy

Subject Matter Expert

£500 / day

  • Design & Develop complex projects
  • Infrastructure management
  • Expert Security & Privacy
  • Expert in Project Architecture